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- Steve Porter - Afterlife (Halloween Party) - New Haven, CT


- Gems Geneva - Afterlife (Halloween Party) - New Haven, CT


- Guest Massacur on PHR Radio None


- Guest Joel Fever on PHR Radio None


- Guest Ken-On-E on PHR Radio None

The Sleepers - Hot Reel

The Sleepers with the breezy reggae vibes on this instrumental.

Mike Wolak - Madreena

70's space-age bachelor pad downtempo vibes from Mike Wolak

The Body - Safety Dance Pimped

The Body samples Jay-Z and Nate Dogg to pimp out the 80's hit.

Fever Ray - Seven (The Twelves Rmx) (Groovecreator Edit)

DJ friendly edit of The Twelves remix for Fever Ray's "Seven"

Hush Collectve - Laos At Lunch

Chillwave vibes think Washed Out meets The Shins with a dash of yacht rock. Sail the seas!

Science of the Trinity - Syndicate Ting

Grungy instrumental hip hop with dub vibes

BDLabs - Ape Step

Stinkin' riddim from BDLabs, big belly man style to the world

Science of the Trinity - Nuh Step

Galactic dub from a galaxy far away

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